Histories of ICS

The Coastal Education & Research Foundation (CERF) and the Journal of Coastal Research (JCR) have been organising the International Coastal Symposium since 1990, with the first meeting in Skagen, Denmark. Local hosts and organisers cooperate under the umbrella of CERF-JCR to provide meeting venues, agendas and field excursions.

Proceedings of the ICS traditionally appear as printed volumes in special issues of the JCR. The proceedings are sent to the Thomson Reuters Web of Science (formerly ISI Web of Knowledge) for abstracting and electronic searches on the web.

  • 1st ICS: Skagen, Denmark (Hosted by Per Bruun and N. Kingo Jacobsen, ICS1990; JCR Special Issue No. 9)
  • 2nd ICS: Hilton Head Island (Hosted by Per Bruun and Charlie Finkl, ICS1991, 1993)
  • 3rd ICS: Hornafjörður, Iceland (Hosted by Gísli Viggósson, ICS1994)
  • 4th ICS: Bahia Bianca, Argentina (Hosted by Gerardo M.E. Perillo, ICS1996)
  • 5th ICS: Palm Beach, Florida (Hosted by Charlie Finkl and Per Bruun, ICS1998; JCR Special Issue No. 26)
  • 6th ICS: New Zealand (Hosted by Terry Healy, ICS2000; JCR Special Issue No. 34)
  • 7th ICS: Templepatrick, Northern Ireland (Hosted by Andrew Cooper and Derek Jackson, ICS2002; JCR Special Issue No. 36)
  • 8th ICS: Itajaí, Santa Catarina, Brazil (Hosted by Antonio Klein, ICS2004; JCR Special Issue No. 39)
  • ICS: 2nd ICS in Iceland: Höfn the Town of Hornafjörður (Hosted by Gísli Viggósson, ICS2005)
  • 9th ICS: Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia (Hosted by Charles Lemckert, ICS2007; JCR Special Issue No. 50)
  • 10th ICS: Lisbon, Portugal (Hosted by Carlos Pereira da Silva, ICS2009; JCR Special Issue No. 56)
  • 11th ICS: Szczecin, Poland (Hosted by Kazimierz Furmańczyk, ICS2011; JCR Special Issue No. 64)
  • 12th ICS: Plymouth, United Kingdom (Hosted by Gerd Masselink, ICS 2013; JCR Special Issue No. 65)
  • 13th ICS: Durban, South Africa (Hosted by Andrew Cooper and Andrew Green, ICS 2014; JCR Special Issue No. 70)
  • 14th ICS: Sydney, Australia (Hosted by Ana Vila-Concejo, ICS2016; JCR Special Issue No.75)
  • 15th ICS: Busan, Rep. of Korea (Hosted by Prof. Chun Insik and Dr. HakSoo Lim. JCR Special Issue No. 85)
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