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It is with great pleasure that we invite you to the International Coastal Symposium (ICS2021), to be held in VIRTUAL mode from Monday 3rd May to Wednesday 5th of 2021 from Seville, SPAIN.

As you probably know, much to our displeasure, the ICS had to be postponed due to the Pandemic caused by the Covid 19 which has disrupted greatly most aspects of our lives in the last 10 months and has, sadly costed many lives worldwide. We must look forward and continue the preparations of what will be the first time the International Coastal Symposium is held in Virtual mode.

The Symposium will be hosted by the Coastal Environments Research Group, Universidad Pablo de Olavide de Sevilla, under the auspices of the Coastal Education and Research Foundation (CERF) and the Journal of Coastal Research (JCR).

The ICS brings together delegates from all over the world to collaborate and discuss the most current coastal research studies and projects. The proceedings of the conference, published as peer-reviewed papers in the Journal of Coastal Research, represent an invaluable resource for coastal scientists, engineers and managers.

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