Keynote speakers

  • MONDAY, MAY 3rd | 09.30–10.15 ROOM 1


    Gonzalo Málvarez, Universidad Pablo Olvide, Sevilla, Spain

  • TUESDAY, MAY 4th | 09.15–10.15 ROOM 1

    KEYNOTE 2 - Self-imposed coastal risk

    Edmund Penning-Rowsell, Oxford University and FHRC, Oxford, United Kingdom

    Distinguished research associate of university of oxford where he was pro vice-chancellor of research. Currently Editor in Chief of "Environmental Hazards".

    Founder and Director Flood Hazard Research Centre (FHRC) University of Middlesex

    • -A specialist Centre founded (by Prof. Penning Rowsell) in 1970 must be one of the oldest of its type in the world.
    • -The focus is on the socio-economic and policy dimensions of floods.
    • -Has produced a series of manuals that are in use for the managements of coastal floods by the UK government and has influenced EU policy in the field
  • WEDNESDAY, MAY 5th | 09.15–10.15 ROOM 1

    KEYNOTE 3-

    Željka Škaričić, United Nations Environment Programme Mediterranean Action Plan Priority Actions Programme Regional A, Croatia

    Željka Škaričić is Director of the Priority Actions Programme/Regional Activity Centre (PAP/RAC) of the UN Environment/Mediterranean Action Plan. She is specialised in coastal zone management with long experience in coordinating large Mediterranean projects in the field, as well as in developing and implementing methodological, strategic and legal instruments for ICZM. She has participated in the process of preparation and negotiation of the Protocol on Integrated Coastal Zone Management in the Mediterranean (ICZM Protocol), which is the 7th protocol of the Convention for the Protection of the Mediterranean Sea Against Pollution (Barcelona Convention). Since the entry into force of the Protocol in 2011 she is responsible for the coordination of its implementation by the Mediterranean countries.

    As the Protocol recognises the intrinsic relationship existing between the coastal and marine spaces and the need to link ICZM and MSP, she has also been involved in initiatives exploring challenges and opportunities related to MSP in the Mediterranean, in particular with regard to methodologies to apply, governance mechanisms to establish and data basis to create.

    Author or co-author of several technical reports and articles she was key speaker and lecturer at many international conferences, seminars and workshops.

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